ARES acted as Coordinator in the following projects, also through their scientific and industruial components:

  • Satellite communications for scientific mission (DAVID Data And Video Interactive Distribution) funded by Italian Space Agency (ASI);
  • Italian research program, funded by ASI, for telecommunication payload development in W band (75-110 GHz), WAVEW band Analysis and VErification;
  • Feasibility studies (Phase A) per small scientific missions funded by ASI: MAGIA (Missione Altimetrica Gravimetrica geochImica lunAre), a mission orbiter design for  Moon Observation with diverse payloads among which radar-altimeter, radiometer and scatterometer and FLORAD (Micro-satellite FLOwer Constellation of millimeter-wave RADiometers for the Earth and Space Observation), a small innovative constellation for atmosphere study by millimeter band radiometer;
  • Feasibility study PLATONE (PayLoad ad Alta tecnologia per Telecomunicazioni ed Osservazione integrato con ricevitore software radio di NavigazionE) devoted to atmosphere and pollution agents study through combination of payloads (meteorological radar, radiometer, lidar);
  • Design and realization of point to-point telecommunication W-band link, PERLA-W (Propagation Experiment for a Radio-Link Analysis at W band) for data transmission experiments;
  • Italian research program (CABIS) on integrated mobile systems based on CDMA, co-funded by MIUR (2000-2002) – PRIN (Programma di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale);


ARES cooperate with Rheinmetall, Consortium member, in important space projects, as follows:

  • MIOSAT, microsatellite made up by an innovative platform and optical payloads (interferometers, panchromatic cameras);
  • Prometeo, ESA microsatellite (150/200 kg) for Earth Observation using low power electrical propulsion (Hall effect engine).


  • Project GALILEO JU – VERT (VEhicular Remote Tolling);
  • Gapacom: satellite/terrestrial system based on the  innovative payload study NAVCOM for GALILEO constellation satellites;
  • SALICE (Satellite-Assisted Localization and Communication systems for Emergency services): integrated reconfigurable device NAVCOM with technologies SDR e CR in a network Satellite-HAP- terrestrial network;
  • ICONA (Integrated COmmunications and Navigation): Project of “situation and location aware” solutions for wireless heterogeneous networks where position and situation information is used to guarantee an optimized management among radio resources and systems mobility;

Satellite Communications:

  • Italian research program funded by ASI on Q/V band payloads (TRANSPONDERS – Tasks of Research, Analysis and Study on Operating Payloads;

Excellence Networks:

  • EU NEXWAY: Excellence Network in Wireless technology and applications;
  • EU SatNEx: Excellence Network for Satellite Communications;
  • HERMES partnership: network of research telecommunication independent centres in Europe.

Educational Programs:

  • EU ASIA LINK EAGER-NetWIC (Euro-Asian Network for Strengthening Graduate Education and Research in Wireless Communications);
  • Master in Advanced Communication Systems and Satellite Navigation.

New initiatives:


Middleware Italian funded Research Project on widespread data bank, based on intelligent mobile agents network, semantic web and natural language processing. Applications are on Biomaterials, military and cooperating missions.

Integrated system to detect and neutralize improvised Explosive Device (IED), based on multisensory platform and intelligent agent technology.


A Laboratory for Advanced Solar Thermodynamic Energy Research & Innovation Component Solutions, for configurable and integrated renewable energy systems.